GBC reader’s comments

Poet and publisher Howard McCord:
Nicole–Am savoring every page, but especially admire your marvelous chronology. I see back in 1955, when Gus was at Stanford, I was living in Santa Clara and driving the bookmobile for the country. I had just gotten out of the Navy. Only a few miles away! Thank you so much for all the work!
                                                                                                                                              TV producer and writer Mary Ann Hatchitt:
Dear Nicole,
Keeping Gus book by my bed.
Reading it with the iPad so I can look stuff up.
Skipping around…entranced.
Lives like his make me want to have several more……
                                                                                                                                           Jane Crawford Morlino:                                                                                                 Dear Nicole,                                                                                                                  Today’s mail brought The Book. When I called last week to order it,                                  the sweet guy who answered asked if I was one of Gus’ wives…
                                                                                                                              Counterpoint publisher and friend Jack Shoemaker: I am loving the book. It arrived from Amazon on your dad’s birthday and I spent the whole evening with it.I hope this is giving you as much pleasure as it is me. Congratulations, Jack
                                                                                                                                                 Fine art bookseller Vincent Borrelli -finished the photography section last night, reading the film section… brilliant and eloquent, Gus takes you along with him as he works his way through all of the issues you may have intuited, but never rigorously thought through (as only Gus could have).

Saturday January 5th 3:00pm editors discuss and sign                                            GUS BLAISDELL COLLECTED at BOOKWORKS in ALBUQUERQUE                       4022 Rio Grande Blvd. NW (505)-344-8139


In 2002, a year before his death, Gus wrote the bio below to accompany his poems included in  IN COMPANY: an anthology of New Mexico Poets after 1960

                                                                                      photo by Nicole Blaisdell Ivey

Gus Blaisdell for twenty-seven years ran an “alternative to an absence,” the Living Batch Bookstore, always close to the Frontier Restaurant. He continues to teach film at the University of New Mexico. He runs a small press, Living Batch Books , that continues to present his alternative to absences. A special line of his books is called Drive, He Said, after Creeley’s poem “I Know A Man.”

Message from Momaday

A note from Pulitzer prize-winning author,N. Scott Momaday, discussing                       GUS BLAISDELL COLLECTED (Gus was editor on Momaday’s second book,                     The Way to Rainy Mountain, published by UNM press).

Dear Nicole,The book is a clear mirror of the man. It is beautiful and moving. Gus and I made a legendary journey to Rainy Mountain in the hard weather that shapes mind and memory. It was a quest, a journey eminently worth making.With deepest thanks.Scott

DISCUSSING GUS at UNM bookstore Wednesday December 5th at 4pm




Cover photo by Nicole Blaisdell Ivey

His Heaviness in cyber space

For those of you living in the digital age Gus Blaisdell Collected is out and available on Kindle.
For those of us who need the heft of the good book in hand it will be arriving in early September.
For all who want a preview and to read the wonderful editor’s preface just click on the link below  then click on the handsome book cover and voila’ .

Welcome to the FOG

Friends of Gus,

The countdown has begun. Gus Blaisdell Collected is nearly upon us. Due out in September. The launch party details coalescing. I will keep you posted.

Art • Film • Literature • New Mexico/Southwest • Photography

Gus Blaisdell Collected


William Peterson
Nicole Blaisdell Ivey


From the moment he arrived in New Mexico in 1964, Gus Blaisdell (1935–2003) was a legendary presence. Famous in Albuquerque as a writer, teacher, publisher, editor, and especially as the proprietor of the Living Batch bookstore, Blaisdell was also a brilliant critic whose essays influenced readers throughout the country and across the Atlantic. This long-awaited collection of Blaisdell’s critical writings includes essays on literature, art, and film, along with moving tributes by some of the distinguished writers who numbered Blaisdell among their friends. Introductory essays by philosopher Stanley Cavell and literary critic David Morris join colleague Ira Jaffe’s poignant memoir to provide perspectives on the man by friends who knew him well. Glimpses of Blaisdell’s vivid personality can be had from the many photographs included, and the diligently researched chronology compiled by Nicole Blaisdell Ivey tracks the course of her father’s complicated life.



Art critic William Peterson lives in Albuquerque, where he is an adjunct instructor in the Department of Art and Art History at the University of New Mexico. Longtime editor of ARTSPACE magazine, he has also been a correspondent for ARTnews and an associate editor at the J. Paul Getty Museum.

Nicole Blaisdell Ivey is a photographer and writer. Her work has appeared in The Sun magazine, New Mexico Photographer, and others. She lives in Albuquerque.