Meeting and Response

            Kristin Diener and Nicole Blaisdell Ivey

          I’m walking down Central Avenue in Albuquerque when an eye catches my eye.

I step closer to the gallery window and see intricate, ancient looking gems in metal jewelry hanging in a wooden case, some of it surprisingly staring back at me. I wonder who imagines this, who spends endless hours making this, who is this artist, this Kristin Diener. Eventually I go to an opening, see a black dressed bejeweled body with long copper hair move through the wine-sipping crowd.We speak, we lunch, I tell her my dream…

…I see you walking down circular steps in a lime taffeta princess dress, chain mail and gemstones glint in the light, a huge crowd awaits you below. I hold the hem of your dress, make sure you don’t fall…

Kristin says, sounds good to me, and I say…


North Star on Amy

©Kristin Diener jewelry Photo©Nicole Blaisdell Ivey

Frances&Grace2 ©Kristin Diener ©Nicole Blaisdell Ivey



Frances&Grace ©Kristin Diener ©Nicole Blaisdell Ivey (6) - Copy

Lime green taffeta dress still to come…

Seeing it and then some


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Photographing Kristin Diener’s stunning art jewelry on these wonderful human beings was both mesmerizing and fantastic. To see more treasures follow the link to  Kristin Diener    *studio jewelry photographs by Margot Geist