Gus and Stanley Cavell at The Living Batch bookstore

Gus and Stanley at Batch

Bill Pearlman, Gus Blaisdell, and Stanley Cavell at the Living Batch bookstore, 1988                   Photo by Janet Maher

1988    From the bookstore’s newsletter, Living Batch News:                       

 “LIVING BATCH ENTERS PUBLISHING . . . The first two [books] are Stanley Cavell’s This New Yet Unapproachable America and Stanley Crawford’s classic and long-unattainable The Log of the S.S. Mrs. Unguentine. Reasons for the press? To make some of what we believe in available and to produce at reasonable prices and in typographically handsome (readable) formats lost (and original) books of lasting interest. A simpler reason is enthusiasm. When I read Cavell’s lectures on Wittgenstein as a cultural philosopher and Emerson as finding and beginning the founding of American culture, I felt that if I ever wanted to publish, here was an opportunity not to be missed.  For years I have tried to interest publishers in printing Crawford’s novel. . . . With Cavell as foundation and Crawford as the first couple of bricks I had more than I needed to move on. I trust such conviction will continue and the little wall of books will stretch like a new course of masonry, brick by brick, book by book, until we have a foot or so of our own choosing on our and others’ shelves.”