DAVE HICKEY blurbs Gus Blaisdell Collected

“We hear people talking all the time about Renaissance men. Gus Blaisdell was a Restoration rake, a creature of coffeehouses, bookstores, flaring arguments and happy reconciliations, crazy women and crazier experimentation. This book is a wonderful survey of his enthusiasms and complaints—and a fond memorial of his gift to New Mexico, and Albuquerque particularly. Gus was the absolute, undeniable, real thing. One of the few.”

Gus Blaisdell— Living Batch Bookstore Photograph by Nicole Blaisdell Ivey

GBC Review in RAIN TAXI by Geroge Kalamaras

Gus Blaisdell by Lewis Baltz“In the current land rush for the latest, hippest poetics, caught in the web of irony that so much contemporary poetry seems hell-bent to explore, much lineage that made current
movements possible is ignored.This is particularly problematic when that lineage encompasses counter-movements and personalities that served as necessary ballast to keep the ship of the art of its time from sinking. Independent thinkers often suffer obscurity for the sake of their ideals. The battle plains of poetic history are littered with such figures, whilst the monocled generals, astride white steeds on the hill, wax profoundly about the philosophical consequences of their actions. Publisher, poet, critic, bookstore owner, and provocateur, Gus Blaisdell (1935-2003), born Charles Augustus Blaisdell II in          San Diego, was such a figure.”     George Kalamaras

Telling it like it is / Review of GBC

5.0 out of 5 stars the writer as cultural Hero, November 7, 2012
dan noyes (New Mexico) – See all my reviews
This review is from: Gus Blaisdell Collected (Hardcover)

This book is a look at the writing,the life, and the letters of an exceptional writer who lived the zeitgeist of his time by writing, editing and selling books. He also helped other
writers get published and noticed. He also taught. And he also loved loquats.And women. And he writes about all of these-and more- in this wonderful book.The intellectual life he engaged was from The Beats to Postmodernism. Blaisdell was a writer and thinker who had interests in the Classics, Asian poetry, art, culture, psychology and philosophy. He created a rich world in his writing and that is here in a collection of essays, poems and letters that explore art, photography, philosophy, and film.

Blaisdell’s talent as a writer and thinker in these engaging essays is evident in how he uses words, structure, metaphor and image in writing about culture and meaning.
The essays about his life and his letters-along with an excellent timeline of his life-round out the book. The photographs in the book are an excellent counterpoint that capture the hero as he ages, travels and investigates art and culture. A photograph in the book of Gus Blaisdell encountering a Matisse exhibit taken by Nicole Blaisdell Ivey is a truly great photograph that shows a man encountering art and caught in the experience of art. In fact-the whole book is related to how Blaisdell wrote about that encounter.gus-studio-shelf-nicole1.jpg

GBC reader’s comments

Poet and publisher Howard McCord:
Nicole–Am savoring every page, but especially admire your marvelous chronology. I see back in 1955, when Gus was at Stanford, I was living in Santa Clara and driving the bookmobile for the country. I had just gotten out of the Navy. Only a few miles away! Thank you so much for all the work!
                                                                                                                                              TV producer and writer Mary Ann Hatchitt:
Dear Nicole,
Keeping Gus book by my bed.
Reading it with the iPad so I can look stuff up.
Skipping around…entranced.
Lives like his make me want to have several more……
                                                                                                                                           Jane Crawford Morlino:                                                                                                 Dear Nicole,                                                                                                                  Today’s mail brought The Book. When I called last week to order it,                                  the sweet guy who answered asked if I was one of Gus’ wives…
                                                                                                                              Counterpoint publisher and friend Jack Shoemaker: I am loving the book. It arrived from Amazon on your dad’s birthday and I spent the whole evening with it.I hope this is giving you as much pleasure as it is me. Congratulations, Jack
                                                                                                                                                 Fine art bookseller Vincent Borrelli -finished the photography section last night, reading the film section… brilliant and eloquent, Gus takes you along with him as he works his way through all of the issues you may have intuited, but never rigorously thought through (as only Gus could have).

Saturday January 5th 3:00pm editors discuss and sign                                            GUS BLAISDELL COLLECTED at BOOKWORKS in ALBUQUERQUE                       4022 Rio Grande Blvd. NW (505)-344-8139