After Ground Zero on Evan Connell

An extended essay on the writings of Evan Connell by Gus Blaisdell

Originally published in 1966 in the New Mexico Quarterly

                                      *click on each page to enlarge

After 182-83

After 184-85 After 186-87 After 188-89 After 190-91 After 192-93

After 194-95

After 196-97 After 198-99 After 200-01 After 202-03 After 204-05 After 206-07

1 thought on “After Ground Zero on Evan Connell

  1. Nicole, Surely this is not the entire piece! How do I find the rest, I wonder. In any case, thanks for the tip. I’ll try to track it down somehow. I hope the book’s doing well. I continue to read it with both pleasure and, as usual, instruction I could never get anywhere else . . . Love to you all. Floyce

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