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Poet and publisher Howard McCord:
Nicole–Am savoring every page, but especially admire your marvelous chronology. I see back in 1955, when Gus was at Stanford, I was living in Santa Clara and driving the bookmobile for the country. I had just gotten out of the Navy. Only a few miles away! Thank you so much for all the work!
                                                                                                                                              TV producer and writer Mary Ann Hatchitt:
Dear Nicole,
Keeping Gus book by my bed.
Reading it with the iPad so I can look stuff up.
Skipping around…entranced.
Lives like his make me want to have several more……
                                                                                                                                           Jane Crawford Morlino:                                                                                                 Dear Nicole,                                                                                                                  Today’s mail brought The Book. When I called last week to order it,                                  the sweet guy who answered asked if I was one of Gus’ wives…
                                                                                                                              Counterpoint publisher and friend Jack Shoemaker: I am loving the book. It arrived from Amazon on your dad’s birthday and I spent the whole evening with it.I hope this is giving you as much pleasure as it is me. Congratulations, Jack
                                                                                                                                                 Fine art bookseller Vincent Borrelli -finished the photography section last night, reading the film section… brilliant and eloquent, Gus takes you along with him as he works his way through all of the issues you may have intuited, but never rigorously thought through (as only Gus could have).

Saturday January 5th 3:00pm editors discuss and sign                                            GUS BLAISDELL COLLECTED at BOOKWORKS in ALBUQUERQUE                       4022 Rio Grande Blvd. NW (505)-344-8139

Some wonderful history of poets and writers and a community bookstore.

lotsa, larry goodell

When I received the email from Nikki Blaisdell-Ivey and Larry Goodell about their proposed Living Batch book, I had just been indulging in a Living Batch moment. I was reading my used paperback copy of The Good Soldier Schweik, remembering how I’d bought it—ostensibly at the one dollar used cost, but forty percent discounted because I was a Living Batch employee way back there in the 70s. Funny, I’d read the book soon after I purchased it, and now, almost forty years later, I am reading it again and the past comes rushing in on me like a pack of unfed dogs. I’d been thinking often lately of the Batch, how it had been an important part of my life for a large amount of time—two tours as an employee (eight years in the 70s, and then after a two-year hiatus of hiding out in Arkansas, a six-year stint…

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THE magazine Best Books of 2012

Photograph by Nicole Blaisdell Ivey

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It has been said that Gus Blaisdell—writer, philosopher, critic, and educator at the University of New Mexico—was a force of nature. His critical essays addressed photography, film, painting, and philosophy, among many other subjects. Blaisdell delighted in his friendships with celebrated figures in the arts and humanities, which included photographer Lewis Baltz, philosopher Stanley Cavell, writer Evan Connell, poet Robert Creeley, and art critic Max Kozloff. Blaisdell lived a life surrounded by books—he was a passionate reader, as well as being an editor, publisher, and a bookstore owner. Gus Blaisdell Collected (University of New Mexico Press, $40) is a sampling of his writings, selected and edited by William Peterson who writes “Gus’s writing revolved around the quest for knowledge of the self and the search for understanding our human placement in the world.” Of particular interest in this volume are his takes on Joel-Peter Witkin, Frank Stella, Lewis Baltz, and Allan Graham. About Blaisdell, critic Dave Hickey wrote, “Gus was the absolute, undeniable, real thing. One of the few.” This long-overdue book contains introductory essays by philosopher Stanley Cavell, literary critic David Morris, and an editor’s preface by Peterson, all of which gives the reader insight into the workings of the mind of this legendary figure.

Guy Cross editor, publisher THE magazine

*Photograph by Nicole Blaisdell Ivey


Living Batch, an Illuminating Piece of History of What Was, from Patricia Nelson

lotsa, larry goodell

I came to the Batch in the mid eighties. I had been managing the UNM Bookstore’s general book department for a number of years and shared many book conversations with Gus [Blaisdell]. Gus invited me to join the Batch as buyer and manager together with Jeff Bryan. I joined Sigrun, Larry, Geary Hobson, Seth Fiedler, Eileen Jackson. The store deeply felt the loss of Carl Christensen. The recent move around the corner from Central to Cornell had been jarring, and perhaps my arrival was also a jolt.

The storefront at 106 Cornell SE was a narrow space but it reached quite surprisingly far back. Over a few years, we cleared out moribund used book inventory, a new clerestory brought in more daylight, a floor plan evolved in a zig-zag down the center guiding the browser – like a pin-ball machine – all the way to the back.  Some particularly dilapidated couches…

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